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A previous studies, the isolated use of each of these foods produces a 5-10% reduction vitapulse in cholesterol levels, but in this study, the joint use of these products promoted a 29% reduction in cholesterol levels in the blood, especially fraction LDL, which is more related to cardiovascular events. According to the authors, these effects can be enhanced, particularly in patients with high cholesterol levels, associated ..


http://www.prohealthguides A previous studies, the isolated use
As with anti-cholesterol drugs (statins) or even reducing the daily doses of these lipid-lowering drugs. In addition, researchers have emphasized vitapulse the importance of avoiding the use of animal fat, foods rich in saturated fats and cholesterol ricaos to obtain a maximum effect of these measures. Author: Marco Antonio Ávila Vitória & Valdiléa Veloso EGGPLANT NOT REDUCE CHOLESTEROL According to research with mice and rabbits, eggplant with orange juice seemed to have ..


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